Hello and welcome to my international online practice. I am a licensed clinical psychologist and I provide individual psychotherapy in Arabic and English to adults located around the world.

I share with you below a bit about how my style as a therapist may feel to you and what it may be like for us to be in the room together.

I see the therapy I offer as a balance of contrasts;

❁ On the one hand, my therapeutic style is sensitive, nurturing, and warm while also being active, direct, and able to -gently- challenge you to change and grow.

❁I was also a university professor and scholar. I offer therapy that is thoughtful, respectful of nuance and complexity, and anchored in a critical broad understanding of psychology and social science. At the same time, my approach is down to earth, intuitive, deeply heartfelt, and sprinkled with a little humor.

❁Through my extensive professional training and journey of self work, I seek to hold a therapeutic space that is grounded and wise, while remaining curious, humble, and always seeking to learn.

Relational and depth therapy can offer us a space where we can discover and acknowledge previously disavowed parts of ourselves…learn to experience and express a fuller range of emotions…allow ourselves to imagine, play, and explore with increasing freedom…experience the power of a healing therapeutic relationship…and work through the painful parts of our history to better understand patterns of our present. 

picture of psychologist psychotherapy Alaa Hijazi Beirut Lebanon