Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Psychotherapy & Consulting 


I’m a US licensed clinical psychologist based in Beirut Lebanon. I provide individual psychotherapy in Arabic and/or English to adults struggling with various concerns.

Since the quality of the therapeutic relationship between client and therapist is one of the most important predictors of having an affecting and meaningful therapy, I share with you below what it may be like for us to be in the room together, and how my personality and style as a therapist may feel to you.

I see the therapy I offer as a balance of contrasts 

※ On the one hand, my therapeutic style is warm, sensitive, holding, and deeply nurturing; while also being interactive, direct, and able to (gently) nudge you to change and grow.

※ I was also a university professor and researcher for several years. I am thoughtful, analytic, and offer therapy that is intellectually sophisticated and anchored in a critical understanding of psychology and social science. At the same time, my approach is fluid, intuitive, deeply heart-felt, and down to earth. 

 ※ Through my professional training and personal journey of self work, I hold a therapeutic space that is grounded, assured, and wise, while remaining humble, curious, open to correction, and able to poke fun at my own follies. 

I see the type of therapeutic approach I practice as a space where people can discover and acknowledge previously disavowed parts of themselves, have the space to identify, experience, and express a fuller range of emotions, allow themselves to imagine and explore with increasing freedom, figure out how to cultivate relationships and connections that feel intimate and fulfilling, and construct narratives of their lives that work through the painful parts of the past to better understand patterns of the present. 

I work with people in my office in Beirut or through video conferencing for those outside Lebanon. I also provide supervision and consultation to other psychotherapists.

picture of psychologist psychotherapy Alaa Hijazi Beirut Lebanon