Among others, I enjoy working with people who:

❁ Are struggling with states of sadness, anxiety, stress, burnout, loneliness, uncertainty, angst, stuckness, or grief. 

❁ Are shouldering the impact of intergenerational, historic, political or collective pain and trauma. 

❁ Would like to explore stressors related to ethnic, cultural, and racial identity as well as experiences related to loss of homeland, migration, (un)belonging, third culture kids, or the expat experience. 

❁ Are seeking therapy affirmative of their gay, lesbian, bisexual, questioning, queer, or pan sexualities, including those reckoning with the impact of conservative or fundamentalist religious and cultural backgrounds on their sexuality. 

❁Want to work through and understand the impact of growing up in fractured, wounded and wounding families.

❁Are academically gifted and want to better understand the gifts as well as challenges that may come with that, including hyper-performance and intellectualization as adaptation, and how to experience being in the world in more emotive embodied ways.  

❁ Are men navigating conflicting cultural expectations of what “progressive” masculinity means.

❁ Are experiencing difficulties with creating and/or sustaining intimacy, meaningful friendships, relationships, and partnerships. I am affirming of different relationship structures, ranging from monogamy to various forms of ethical non monogamy. 

❁ Are academics, activists, humanitarian aid workers, or fellow therapists or helping professionals.

❁ Experience medical system trauma and/or are adjusting to complex poorly misunderstood and dismissed physical illnesses such as fibromyalgia, ME/CFS, chronic Lyme, MCAS, POTS, post viral syndromes, long COVID, etc.